How to Backup Windows 10 System

How to Backup Windows 10 System

Lost Dell Backup and Recovery- How to Backup Windows 10 System?

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Most of the users reported complain of backup and recovery missing problem after moving to Windows 10.It usually happens after upgrading the Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. But there is no need to be worry about as there are some simple methods that can resolve such problem easily. Essentially, there are multiple other software for windows 10 users to keep free backup of windows 10 including entire hard disk data and system files etc.

Here are some methods mentioned that can help you to backup Windows 10 system easily, when you lost Dell backup and recovery-

Use File History to free backup and restore Windows 10-

  • Firstly go to “Settings “and click “Update and Security” and then click “Backup”
  • Then you need to click more options to set how often file history backs up
  • After this you should check files that you need to backup in Windows 10 computer system
  • If you need to backup new files or folder on your computer system, then simply click “Add a folder to choose files or data” that you want to backup
  • At last click “Back up” now if you need to backup files right away

Create system restore point for Windows 10:

  • First you need to search “create a restore point” from the taskbar and select it from the list
  • Then click “Create” on the “System Protect Tab”
  • After this, you need to edit a description for the restore point, and then select “Create”
  • At last click “OK” to finish the process

These are some of the method that can help you to backup Windows 10 system, but in case you are not able to go with the procedure or you are not able to back up the system then there is no need to be worry about. There is Dell Customer Support Phone Number available for the users so that they can have instant help and support on a phone under the guidance of technical executives and professionals who have keen knowledge of technical stuff related to Dell recovery missing issues. Apart from this it is also advisable to call on (1-888-296-9079) support number, where you can get quick help and comprehensive guidance by the engineers. The number is offered by the steadfast support desk that can help you on your desk.

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